Logistique Globale Européenne Belfort  - LGE

Transport and customs

LGE allows you to benefit from secure transport throughout France, Europe and across the world.

Whatever your need and the type of product to be shipped, LGE offers the most suitable solution.

Road transport

You benefit from our high performance services in parcel delivery, chartering or express transport...

Multimodal transport

LGE organizes door-to-door delivery for your products by offering a comprehensive solution combining several means of transport: river, sea, air, rail...

For the management of your products, LGE deploys its own resources or calls upon, in its role as a Freight Forwarder, a network of partners.

Exceptional transport

For your large-scale projects, LGE designs for you, thanks to its experience and expertise, customized solutions including feasibility and technical studies as well as an analysis of the means to be implemented.


Thanks to its status as a Customs Agent and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO or OEA), LGE are able to quickly clear your parts through customs both on import and on export.

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