Logistique Globale Européenne Belfort  - LGE

Industrial Packaging

To protect your parts during shipment and / or storage, LGE designs and creates packaging adapted to the constraints of your parts based on SEI standards.

Whether on your premises, in France, in Europe or in our own workshops, our production facilities enable us to meet your requirements: no matter how urgent.

Logistique Globale Européenne - Caisserie boisWooden crates

From single units to series, LGE produces crates of small dimensions up to lengths of over 10 meters, with or without a specific wedging, from high temperature treated wood (NIMP15 - FR-FC 00739).

Logistique Globale Européenne - Conditionnement / Emballage industrielPackaging / Industrial Packing

LGE creates all types of standard or customized packing materials. Our team of packers are authorized to EDF standards and can intervene in power generation facilities (e.g. nuclear power plants).

Logistique Globale Européenne - Emballages spéciaux / Emballages hors gabaritsSpecial packaging / Over-sized packaging

For your specific requirements, our technical design office provides customized services and operations: analysis of your specifications and the proposal of special packaging solutions.
The department also studies protective transport chassis for parts with exceptional dimensions (turbine parts or alternators, for example).

Logistique Globale Européenne - Produits réglementésRegulated Products

Your products that are subject to ADR and IATA regulations are packed by trained personnel, supported by a safety consultant.

Value Added Solutions

For your special projects, LGE brings you advanced solutions: parts identification by bar-codes, dedicated staff certified to EDF standards and authorized to intervene in power generation facilities (e.g. nuclear power plants), COMPUTER TOOL ...



Heppner transport and logistics collects your personal data in order to execute your request. The required data are needed to follow up with your request.

The keeping and transferring of the collected data follows protocols which are secure in terms of use and processing. These data are kept and processed for the period during which they are necessary for the intended purposes, and until the statutes of limitation and the remedies expire. Your data might be disclosed to referenced third parties taking a direct or indirect part in this process.

In accordance with the new European data protection regulation, you are entitled to rights of access to, of rectification and of update of your personal data. You can also object to the use of these data or request for their erasure or for their processing to be limited on legitimate grounds.

Only you are able to exercise these rights over your own data, by contacting: HEPPNER – Délégué à la protection des données – 112 – 120 rue Vaillant Couturier - 93130 Noisy le Sec, by indicating « Droit des personnes » as the subject of your mail and by enclosing a copy of your proof of identity.

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