Logistique Globale Européenne Belfort  - LGE

Surface treatment

LGE handles your products straight out of your production lines to ensure a wide range of operations.



Shot-blasting / Shot-peening


Surface protection

Protection de surfaces

Application of paints

Protection de surfaces

Pièces exceptionnellesExceptional pieces

Our shot-blasting and painting cabins use the latest technology. Our cabins are designed to handle your over-sized items: 15 * 7.5 * 8 meters. Unique in the region, they can treat your parts up to 420 tons. For these projects, handling is facilitated by our out-sized lifting capacities.


Our high quality work is done by a team of painters that has been certified by ACQPA (Association for Certification and Qualification Corrosion Painting) and verified by a FROSIO 3 certified inspector.


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